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Community College of Allegheny County

Community College of Allegheny County

800 Allegheny Avenue
Pittsburgh, PA 15233
(412) 237-3038

Institution Overview

The Community College of Allegheny County is the largest institution of postsecondary higher education in Pennsylvania. The college serves 30,000 credit students through 170 degree and certificate programs, and offers thousands of lifelong learning non-credit and workforce development courses to 35,000 students annually. Incorporating a learning centered environment committed to the future of the region, CCAC continues to expand its reach through innovative programming and accessible instruction offered via convenient day, evening, weekend and online courses. With four campuses and six centers serving Allegheny County and surrounding communities, CCAC endeavors to fulfill its mission to provide affordable access to quality education, and offer a dynamic, diverse and supportive learning environment that prepares the regionís residents for academic, professional and personal success in our changing global society.††††


CCAC offers health, vision, dental, and retirement benefits to regular employees. To view the benefits that CCAC has to offer, please visit our Benefits webpage, www.ccac.edu/benefits.††††

At a Glance

Location: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Corporate Type: Education
Number of Employees: Nearly 1,000 Full-time and Part-time employees
Year Founded: 1966
Primary Business: Education††††

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Job TitleCity, State
Adjunct CDL InstructorPittsburgh, PA  15233
Adjunct English as a Second LanguagePittsburgh, PA  15233
Adjunct Ethnic and Diversity StudiesPittsburgh, PA  15233
Student Support Specialist (Grant FT)Pittsburgh, PA  15233
Data Analyst (Reg FT)Pittsburgh, PA  15233
Adjunct Film ProductionPittsburgh, PA  15233
CCAC Navigator (Foundation Funded FT)Pittsburgh, PA  15233
Assistant Director of Accounting (Reg FT)Pittsburgh, PA  15233
Program Coordinator, Nurse Aide Training Program (Temp FT)Pittsburgh, PA  15233
Custodian / Laborer (Reg FT)Pittsburgh, PA  15233
Senior Clerk (Reg FT)Pittsburgh, PA  15233
Adjunct Foreign LanguagePittsburgh, PA  15233
Adjunct GeographyPittsburgh, PA  15233
Adjunct Health & Physical EducationPittsburgh, PA  15233
Adjunct Heating/Air ConditioningPittsburgh, PA  15233
Miscellaneous Non-Credit AdjunctPittsburgh, PA  15233
Adjunct Radiation TherapyPittsburgh, PA  15233
Adjunct BusinessPittsburgh, PA  15233
Adjunct ChemistryPittsburgh, PA  15233
Adjunct Computer Information TechnologiesPittsburgh, PA  15233
Adjunct Criminal Justice/CriminologyPittsburgh, PA  15233
Culinary Arts Instructor (Reg FT 10 month, with benefits)Pittsburgh, PA  15233
Adjunct Culinary ArtsPittsburgh, PA  15233
Adjunct DietaryPittsburgh, PA  15233
Assistant Director of Military and Veteran Services (Reg PT)Pittsburgh, PA  15233
Internal Auditor (Reg FT)Pittsburgh, PA  15233
Adjunct Early Education and Child DevelopmentPittsburgh, PA  15233
Adjunct EconomicsPittsburgh, PA  15233
Adjunct EducationPittsburgh, PA  15233
Adjunct EngineeringPittsburgh, PA  15233
Adjunct EnglishPittsburgh, PA  15233
Program Transition/Retention Coordinator (Foundation Funded FT)Pittsburgh, PA  15233
Adjunct Engineering Drafting and Computer-Aided DraftingPittsburgh, PA  15233
Adjunct HistoryPittsburgh, PA  15233
Adjunct JournalismPittsburgh, PA  15233
Adjunct Hospitality Management/Casino GamingPittsburgh, PA  15233
Adjunct Interpreter TrainingPittsburgh, PA  15233
Adjunct Labor and Management StudiesPittsburgh, PA  15233
Adjunct Land AdministrationPittsburgh, PA  15233
Adjunct MachiningPittsburgh, PA  15233
Adjunct MusicPittsburgh, PA  15233
Adjunct NursingPittsburgh, PA  15233
Adjunct Nursing - Critical Care ClinicalPittsburgh, PA  15233
Adjunct Occupational TherapyPittsburgh, PA  15233
Adjunct ParamedicsPittsburgh, PA  15233
Adjunct PhilosophyPittsburgh, PA  15233
Adjunct PhotographyPittsburgh, PA  15233
Adjunct PhysicsPittsburgh, PA  15233
Adjunct Political SciencePittsburgh, PA  15233
Adjunct PsychologyPittsburgh, PA  15233
Displaying Jobs 1 through 50 of 132
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