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Old Dominion University

Location: NorfolkVA 23501 Document ID: AC231-0KR1 Posted on: 2018-06-2206/22/2018 Job Type: Regular

Job Schedule:Full-time

Audio and Field Production Assistant

This position will monitor and operate audio during studio productions, be part of the production team during field audio and video recordings, and have an operational role in audio and video postproduction. Studio audio production will include microphone and audio source setup, 'mic'ing of talent, presenters, and instructors, operating audio mixers and recorders, and real-time audio adjustments during studio productions. Support during field production include transportation and setup of audio, video, encoders, recorders, codecs, and lighting systems in environments outside the production studio, assisting talent, presenters, and instructors prepare for productions, operating camera and record equipment, and assisting camera operators, producers, and directors during field productions.

Type of Recruitment

Knowledge, skills and abilities
Considerable knowledge and experience with audio equipment, audio technology, and audio theory which includes real-time operation and adjustment of audio during studio events according to industry and department standards. Considerable knowledge of the operation of all audio systems and hardware used in the production of live event or studio recordings, include lavalier microphones, boom and directional/shotgun microphones, line-level audio sources such as those from PC and Mac workstations and laptops, audio mixers, and audio and video recorders. Considerable knowledge of studio production audio and video techniques and best practices, including the support of staff, talent, presenters, and instructors. Considerable knowledge of lighting, cameras, encoders, and codec systems, including setup, basic diagnostics, basic troubleshooting, and operation during field productions outside studio environments. Considerable knowledge of field production audio and video techniques and best practices, including the support stand, talent, presenters, and instructors.
Operational knowledge and use of post-production software to edit audio and video files, to include audio and video correction, trimming and clipping audio and video files, exporting of edited audio and video to a new file. Working knowledge of effective customer service and problem resolution techniques. Strong oral and written communication skills. Demonstrated ability to work indepdently and with minimal supervision. Demonstrated ability to establish effective working relationships with staff, faculty and students.

Special licenses, registration or certification

Education or training

Level and type of experience
Considerable experience in online distance education, and audio technical fields.

Preferred knowledge, skills, abilities, education, experience, licensure, certification
Bachelor's degree in Communications, Engineering, or related field, significant related studies from trade schools, or equivalent combination of education and experience.
Higher education experience.

Conditions of Employment
This position will work 25 to 29 hours per week, typically between 9am and 5pm, though there will be the need to support some evening and weekend events.
Hourly (wage) employees are restricted to working 29 hours per week on average or 1500 hours in total in the May 1 - April 30 period. This position does not have health insurance, retirement, or leave.

Annual Salary/Hourly Rate
Salary commensurate with education and experience

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