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Erie Community College

Location: Orchard ParkNY 14127 Document ID: AC165-5J9G Posted on: 2018-05-0205/02/2018 Job Type: Regular

Job Schedule:Full-time
Salary: $140000
Minimum Education: Masters2018-06-01



Location: North Campus
Department: Provost and Executive Vice President’s Office

The work involves administering the Academic Affairs and Student Services Divisions of the college. This is a highly responsible position, with the incumbent serving as a member of the President’s Cabinet and Executive Leadership team, working under the general direction of the President of the College. The Provost has broad responsibilities for the planning, development and administration of the College’s educational programs and services. As Chief Academic Officer of the College, the Provost ensures the academic integrity of the C and supports innovations in programs and methods of delivery that respond in a timely manner to a rapidly changing environment. As Chief Student Services Officer of the College, the Provost provides leadership, vision, direction and advocacy for a comprehensive array of student services, which support completion and students’ success in meeting their educational goals.

The Provost directs the work of the Academic Affairs and Student Services leadership team, which promotes the effective interrelationship between instructional services, student services and academic initiatives. The Provost consults with the members of the team on issues affecting the Academic Affairs and Student Services divisions of the College and works collaboratively to ensure that the College meets its enrollment management goals. The Provost brings forward recommendations concerning college-wide cooperative ventures, communication and allocation of resources to the Cabinet and to the President. 

General or direct supervision is exercised over the Vice President of Enrollment Management; Vice President of Student Affairs; Vice Provost of Institutional Research, Assessment, Accreditation and Planning; Vice Provost of Health Sciences; and the Deans of Academics in Business and Public Service, Engineering and Technologies, Liberal Arts and Science Humanities and Social Science, Liberal Arts and Science Math, Science and General Studies.

Ancillary supervision is exercised over the: Coordinator of Advanced Studies, Department Chair of Center for Professional Development, Director of Distance Learning and Alternative Programs, Assistant Project Coordinator of Education 2 Recovery, Coordinator of Grants, Dean of Employment and Training Services of the WIOA SUNY Erie Career Center, Director of Pathways to Success, Principal Police Training Professional of Law Enforcement Training Academy, Executive Dean of Strategic Initiatives, Office of Transition Programs, Project Director of Tutoring, Director of Workforce Development. Does related work as required.

As a member of the President’s Cabinet and Executive Leadership team, the Provost participates in strategic planning, policy formulation, budgetary decisions and problem solving, and offers advice and counsel on the implications of institutional decisions on both the academic program and the student experience.


  • Implements plans, policies and resolutions of the Board of Trustees, College Senate, and other College governance bodies;
  • Responsible for supporting College commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion fostering an environment of inclusiveness and support for the College’s diverse student, faculty and staff population;
  • Participates in all aspects of institution wide planning in support of the mission and goals of the College including meeting the needs of a diverse student population and creating a learning environment where all students can succeed;
  • Manages the budget review process for all Academic Affairs, Assessment and Student Services divisions, and administers their budgets;
  • Acts on the recommendations of each respective College Senate on matters related to Academic Affairs, Facilities, Student Services and other related administrative campus concerns;
  • Attends all meetings of the College Senate;
  • Develops new academic programs, and if necessary, consolidates existing programs on campuses. 
  • Develops, implements, and maintains accreditation and academic standards in consultation with faculty procedures and policies for college-wide implementation in cooperation with the Vice Provosts and makes recommendations to the President to discontinue programs in conjunction to the College-Wide Curriculum Committee;
  • Coordinates the work of Department Chairs and Professors/Department Heads in revising and developing curricula in cooperation with Vice Provost of Health Science and Deans of Academics in Business and Public Services, Engineering and Technologies, Liberal Arts and Science Humanities and Social Science, Liberal Arts and Science Math, Science and General Studies;
  • Coordinates the activities concerned with accrediting agencies, and for preparation of the self-study for all academic accreditation visits;
  • Attends Advisory Committee meetings and coordinates their recommendations;
  • Coordinates staff development programs for the teaching faculty in cooperation with the Vice President of Human Resource, Equity and Inclusions;
  • Reviews recommendations for the selection, advancement, retention and evaluation of instructional personnel recommending specific action to the President;
  • Supervises with the Vice Provosts and Vice Presidents articulation agreements of the college’s instructional programs with those of other institutions of higher education and other public and private organizations;
  • Works with the Dean of Humanities, Social Science and General Studies who coordinates the General Studies Program for North, South, and City Campuses;
  • Aids and works closely with Vice Provost of Health Sciences and Deans of Academics in Engineering and Technologies, Liberal Arts and Science Humanities and Social Science, Liberal Arts and Science Math, Science and General Studies in developing educational partnerships and grant opportunities;
  • Serves as Chief Academic Officer and institutional liaison with SUNY, the State Education Department, Middle States Commission on Higher Education and the College Senate;
  • Provides general supervision for the course schedule and the Academic Affairs and Student Services policies section of the College catalog;
  • Provides leadership for academic and workforce development programs;
  • Coordinates selection, orientation, supervision and evaluation of Academic Affairs and Workforce Development staff, and makes recommendations to the President for the appointment and promotion of academic staff;
  • Coordinates the development and implementation of orientation, in-service and professional development programs for all Academic Affairs and Workforce Development personnel;
  • Responsible for employee engagement, employee development and talent management; including: recruitment, hiring, orientation, performance management, and professional development of staff at all levels in conjunction with the Human Resources department;
  • Works with Academic Affairs and Student Services to promote enrollment management as a comprehensive, integrated approach to enhance and improve the recruitment, retention and graduation rates of the College’s students;
  • Oversees an extensive system of evaluating and assessing Academic Affairs and Student Services departments on an annual basis, in association with the college’s program review and accreditation process.

Comprehensive knowledge of accreditation mandates; general educational methods and theory; comprehensive knowledge of curriculum development and assessment; thorough knowledge of vocational training needs of business and industry; ability to organize, direct and evaluate educational programs; ability to get along well with others; sound professional judgment; initiative and resourcefulness; industry and dependability; physically capable of performing the essential functions of the position with or without reasonable accommodation.

Comprehensive knowledge of general student affairs method and theory; knowledge of enrollment management principles and practices including marketing, recruitment, retention, and completion; understanding of the concepts of student engagement and leadership development; ability to articulate ideas and concepts clearly to groups of all sizes; ability to organize, direct and evaluate Student Services programs; ability to prepare statistical material effectively; ability to get along well with others; sound professional judgment; initiative; physically capable of performing the essential functions of the position with or without reasonable accommodation.

Demonstrated effectiveness in working with a diverse student body, faculty, staff, other College constituents, bargaining units, and external organizations. Ability to work collaboratively with other campus units. A strong understanding of governmental programs, agencies, and laws that specifically address college and student issues. Excellent interpersonal communication skills to represent Academic Affairs and Student Services Affairs and the College with enthusiasm and effectiveness. Evidence of leadership in professional associations.


1.      Leadership:  Lead oneself —demonstrating ethics/integrity; displaying drive, purpose, and capacity to learn; increasing self-awareness and adaptability; Lead others—communicating effectively; developing others; valuing diversity/difference; building and maintaining relationships; building and managing effective teams/workgroups.

2.      Decision Making/Problem Solving: Breaks down problems into components and recognizes interrelationships; makes sound, well-informed, and objective decisions. Compares data, information, and input from a variety of sources to draw conclusions; takes action that is consistent with available facts, constraints, and probable consequences.

3.      Facilitating Change: Facilitates the implementation and acceptance of change within the workplace; encourages others to seek opportunities for different and innovative approaches to addressing problems and opportunities.

4.      Communication: Exhibit excellent oral and written communication skills; can write clearly with proper grammar, spelling, and punctuation; can explain complex topics simply. Shape and deliver (both oral and written) simple, targeted, and consistent messages to audiences that create positive perceptions about the College and help the community understand the College’s value proposition.

5.      Project Management: Apply methods and tools to efficiently and effectively manage tasks, projects, goals; schedule and create deliverables to ensure programs/projects are implemented per plan; help identify and remove obstacles; create and maintain documents that clearly and concisely synthesize information and accurately report progress; tie projects to accountability systems/outcome measures; evaluate to learn from successes and mistakes.


  • Doctoral degree preferred; Master’s degree required.
  • At least seven (7) to ten (10) years of demonstrated successful experience in progressively responsible teaching, administrative and educational leadership positions in a college setting; experience in a community college setting strongly preferred.
  • Demonstrated successful experience in strategic planning, fiscal management, resource allocation and personnel supervision.

Special Requirements:
Official transcripts will be required for successful candidates within 30 days of hire.

Our mission to offer quality education includes exposing our students to a diverse range of cultures, experiences and expertise. At SUNY Erie Community College, we value diversity and encourage applicants from all backgrounds to apply.

Please direct apply to: https://chc.tbe.taleo.net/chc01/ats/careers/requisition.jsp?org=ECC&cws=1&rid=1062



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