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Drew University

Location: MadisonNJ 07940 Document ID: AC495-543K Posted on: 2018-12-1712/17/2018 Job Type: Regular

Job Schedule:Part-time
Minimum Education: Ph.D.2019-01-16

Anthropology Adjunct

Drew University seeks applications for an Adjunct in the Department of Anthropology to teach two courses in the Spring 2019 semester, which runs from January 14 until April 29.

Key Responsibilities:
Lead the instruction of two courses ─ Anthropology 104 – Cultural Diversity: Cultural Anthropology and Linguistics and Anthropology 204 – Society and Social Change in Sub-Saharan Africa.

ANTH 104-This course is concerned with the cultural diversity of the human species and with introducing students to key concepts in the discipline of anthropology such as: political structure, gender, kinship, economics, religion and how these concepts have been treated by anthropologists and anthropological theory. The course will explore and compare how these aspects of society manifest themselves within cultures that follow economic and ecological patterns of life such as those based on foraging, small scale horticulture, pastoralism, large scale agriculture and the industrial urban setting. The cultures chosen for discussion will be selected for the clarity they provide in illuminating the concepts under study and, in some instances, because they contrast well with one another. Crucially, this course takes food production and basic subsistence strategy as the foundational starting point for understanding how other institutions of society develop and change over time.

ANTH 204–The challenges that the African continent will face in the 21st century are manifold—ongoing hotspots for civil war such as Nigeria and Sudan, a looming food crisis, multi-season drought throughout much of the Sahel exacerbated by climate change, the emergence of new drug-resistant forms of old diseases, the continuing HIV pandemic and rising urban migration. This course will examine these and other issues across a selection of different African societies and states with an emphasis on how different perspectives and ideas about traditional culture and practice intersect with the challenges—ecological, economic, religious, ethnic and political—faced by African cultures and the modern African nation state.

Please note the schedules of each course below:

  • Cultural Diversity: Cultural Anthropology and Linguistics - 30136 - ANTH 104 – T (MW 14:40-15:55)
  • Society and Social Change in Sub-Saharan Africa - 30137 - ANTH 204 – E (MW 10:25-11:40)

Candidates should be recently completed graduates or senior Ph.D. students who have recently submitted or defended their dissertation, or be a senior ABD student.

To apply, submit the following materials to HR1218-1@Drew.edu. Please include your name in the subject. Posting will remain open until filled.

  • Sample Syllabi
  • Cover letter/Letter of Application
  • CV/Resume
  • List of 3 professional references

About Drew University:
Drew University, located on a beautiful, wooded,186-acre campus in Madison, New Jersey, includes the College of Liberal Arts, the Theological School and the Caspersen School of Graduate Studies. It is approximately 20 miles west of Manhattan and can be reached from Penn station by NJ Transit in about 45-50 minutes.

Drew has a total enrollment of more than 2,100 students with 145 full-time faculty members. Over 35% of our undergraduate students are from underrepresented groups, and we were recently ranked 19th among baccalaureate institutions for the number of international students enrolled. The Theological and Caspersen Schools offer master’s and doctoral degrees, and the College confers bachelor’s degrees in 32 disciplines.

Drew is dedicated to exceptional faculty mentorship and hands-on learning that successfully prepares students for their futures. Students regularly connect with local communities, and because of our proximity to New York City, we are home to multiple New York Semester experiences for our undergraduate students: Wall Street, United Nations, Contemporary Art, Communications and Media, Social Entrepreneurship, and New York Theatre. The University also houses the Charles A. Dana Research Institute for Scientists Emeriti, the Center for Global Education, the Center for Civic Engagement, the Center on Religion, Culture & Conflict, and the United Methodist Archives and History Center. Drew also recently received a multi-year grant to transform teaching and learning in the humanities by incorporating emerging digital technologies, methods, and pedagogies.

To enrich education through diversity, Drew University is an Affirmative Action/Equal Opportunity Employer. In accordance with Department of Homeland Security regulations, a successful candidate must be authorized to work in the United States. These positions are subject to a background check



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