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University of Hartford

Location: West HartfordCT 06117 Document ID: AB483-0L24 Posted on: 2017-12-0812/08/2017 Job Type: Regular

Job Schedule:Full-time

Dean, College of Education, Nursing, and Hlth Prof

The University of Hartford invites nominations and applications for the position of Dean of the College of Education, Nursing, and Health Professions. In keeping with the University's overall strategic direction and cognizant of national demographic and occupational trends, the next Dean will be an experienced leader from the world of health care or health-related professions. The Dean will possess the knowledge and experience to develop compelling new academic programs, build even more robust partnerships with outside entities, and facilitate extraordinary teaching and learning opportunities for students and faculty in health-related fields. At the same time, the Dean will be responsible for and continue to champion parallel successes of the faculty, staff, and students in Education, the field from which past Deans of the College have been drawn. In partnership with a new Director of Education whom the new Dean will hire, the Dean will oversee the transformation and elevation of the Department of Education into a strong and vital School of Education within the College.

The Dean will bring proven ability to connect with external partners, and will be asked to build relationships and programs of benefit to the educational mission of the College. The Dean will be expected to identify innovative inter-professional and multi-disciplinary collaborations within the College, across the University, and with regional, national, and global partners, and to enhance the ability to educate and serve culturally diverse populations. In keeping with the University's particular emphasis on practical application of intellectual expertise, the Dean should be both a credentialed expert as well as an experienced leader and professional. The opportunity to build and expand upon the University's flagship programs in health-related areas – University of Hartford is one of 13 institutions in the country with a specialized prosthetics and orthotics program – is extraordinary, as is the ability to add to the current suite of health-related programs generally. This role is ideal for an individual prepared to take creative, thoughtful, and informed risks in an entrepreneurial environment.

The Dean will be experienced and credentialed in a health-related field. While a wide range of academic and professional pathways might lead an individual to the Deanship, the ideal candidate will possess the terminal degree within their field and a record of academic and administrative accomplishment sufficient to earn the respect of colleagues within the College and across the University.

The next Dean will possess many of the following characteristics and abilities:

  • Experience leading the development and implementation of a strategic vision for a complex organization;
  • Broad and deep knowledge of health-related fields and the fast-changing national landscape;
  • An interest in and commitment to developing a new School of Education within the College and providing the support and resources for Education faculty, staff, and students to thrive;
  • A proven talent for building external partnerships and for attracting resources in support of a vision;
  • A personal and professional investment in leveraging greater resources to serve vulnerable and marginalized populations, as well as a need to attract larger numbers of people from underrepresented groups into health care and education professions;
  • A demonstrated commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion and the ability to attract, sustain, and support diverse faculty, staff, and students in a supportive and inclusive community;
  • An ability to unite College constituencies around shared values, expertise, and mission related to cultural competency.
  • Ability to lead credibly, flexibly, and transparently in an academic environment;
  • Experience supporting faculty in a variety of fields in their scholarly and pedagogical development at all stages of their careers through innovative programs and initiatives;
  • Familiarity with complex accreditation processes and the ability to oversee them at a high level across a wide range of disciplines and programs; and,
  • The entrepreneurial drive to seize opportunities where they exist and to create them where they do not.

In keeping with the College's deep commitment to working with underserved populations and the University's overall commitment to creating and maintaining a diverse, inclusive, and equitable community for all its members, individuals from underrepresented communities are encouraged to apply.


Please send nominations, applications, and queries in confidence and electronically to:

Sue May, Partner

Ruth Shoemaker Wood, Partner

Storbeck/Pimentel & Associates, LP


The University of Hartford is an open and welcoming community, which values diversity in all its forms. In addition, the University aspires to have its faculty and staff reflect the rich diversity of its student body and the Hartford region. Candidates committed to working with diverse populations and conversant in multicultural issues are encouraged to apply.






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