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University of Connecticut

University of Connecticut

9 Walters Ave
Storrs, CT 06268

Company Overview

The University of Connecticut is one of the nation's Top 20 Public Universities (U.S. News & World Report). UConn's main campus in Storrs is admitting the highest-achieving freshmen in University history. Student diversity continues to increase, as does the number of honors students, valedictorians, and salutatorians who consistently make UConn their top choice. The rise of the University over the last two decades has been astounding, as UConn achieves new heights of academic success Ė doubling research grants, attracting top students, and offering programs that continue to grow in prestige.

The Universityís campuses, where more than 30,000 students are enrolled in over 100 undergraduate majors and 86 graduate fields of study, are situated in prime locations between New York and Boston. Next Generation Connecticut, an unprecedented $1.5 billion investment by the State of Connecticut, demonstrates UConnís commitment to comprehensive research and education.†††††

What Sets UConn Apart?

Investment in Faculty

One component of Next Generation Connecticut is an ambitious, multi-year hiring initiative to expand UConnís faculty and senior academic leadership across numerous academic disciplines. The four-year investment in 500 tenure-track faculty positions is poised to build on the institution's existing strengths and grow new expertise in strategic areas by: hiring talented scholars within a targeted selection of academic departments; boosting the University's research productivity; providing outstanding teaching and service to UConn students; and continuing the transformation that has led the University to stand among the nation's leading public research universities.

Investments in Research & Economic Development

The $865 million Bioscience CT initiative and a collaboration with Jackson Laboratories is creating new opportunities for cutting-edge research. This plan bolsters Governor Dannel P. Malloyís vision to reinvent the Connecticut economy by harnessing sustainable economic growth based on bioscience research, innovation, entrepreneurship and commercialization.

Investments in Technology

The UConn Technology Park is designed to provide designated space for industry-University collaboration, bringing together world-class University scholars and researchers with entrepreneurs in such fields as aerospace, defense, biotechnology, advanced manufacturing, and sustainable energy.

The UConn Tech Park will include highly specialized facilities that will: attract prominent industry partners; enable collaborations that will lead to advanced product development, novel ideas for manufacturing, and new technologies; provide increased opportunities for commercialization and successful business startups; and create thousands of new jobs in Connecticut. The Tech Park is a critical component of the Stateís future economic growth, and will secure UConnís position as a leader in high-tech innovation and as a key research and development partner to regional and national industries, while enhancing the State of Connecticutís global competitiveness.†††††

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Job TitleCity, State
Director of Simulation-Based Education at the rank of Assistant/Associate ProfeStorrs Mansfield, CT  06269
University Postdoctoral Fellow, Ultrafast Molecular Dynamics/Ultrafast PhysicalStorrs Mansfield, CT  06269
Assistant or Associate Professor Biomedical Engineering, REPOSTStorrs Mansfield, CT  06269
Asst/Assoc Professor (Tenure Track) or Asst/Assoc Clinical Prof. for BehavioralStorrs Mansfield, CT  06269
Professor and Synchrony Financial Chair for Cybersecurity REPOSTEDStorrs Mansfield, CT  06269
Asst/Assoc Prof (Tenure Track) or Asst/Assoc Clinical Prof (Non Tenure Track) Storrs Mansfield, CT  06269
Associate/Full Professor, Marketing, REPOST/REVISEDStorrs Mansfield, CT  06269
Assistant/Associate/Full Professor, Mechanical Engineering REVISEDStorrs Mansfield, CT  06269
Network Technician 1, (UCP 3) REPOSTEDStorrs Mansfield, CT  06269
DeLuca Foundation Visiting Professorship for Innovations and New Knowledge in NStorrs Mansfield, CT  06269
Assistant Professor In-Residence, ManagementStamford, CT  06901
Assistant/Associate Professor (tenure track) REVISEDStorrs Mansfield, CT  06269
Academic Assistant 3 REVISEDStorrs Mansfield, CT  06269
Assistant Professor (Tenure track)Storrs Mansfield, CT  06269
Scientific Director, Brain Imaging Research CenterStorrs Mansfield, CT  06269
Toscano Family Chair in Finance, Full ProfessorStorrs Mansfield, CT  06269
Assistant/Associate Professor, UTC-IASEStorrs Mansfield, CT  06269
Assistant/Associate/Full Professor, Electron MicroscopyStorrs Mansfield, CT  06269
Assistant Professor of Music (Wind Ensembles & Conducting) Tenure TrackStorrs Mansfield, CT  06269
Instructor/Assistant/Associate Clinical Professor, Coordinator of Clinical PlacStorrs Mansfield, CT  06269
Boehringer Ingelheim Endowed Chair in Mechanistic ToxicologyStorrs Mansfield, CT  06269
Assistant Professor, Materials Science and EngineeringStorrs Mansfield, CT  06269
Assistant or Associate Professor, Materials Science and EngineeringStorrs Mansfield, CT  06269
Assistant or Associate Professor, Healthcare Economics, Finance & InsuranceStorrs Mansfield, CT  06269
Assistant Professor in Residence, Psychological Sciences, UConn HartfordStorrs Mansfield, CT  06269
Assistant or Associate Professor/Instructor In-Residence, Department of FinanceStorrs Mansfield, CT  06269
Associate Director of Public Safety, Code Enforcement and Compliance REPOSTEDStorrs Mansfield, CT  06269
Assistant Professor, Department of KinesiologyStorrs Mansfield, CT  06269
Assistant Professor of Cello (Tenure- Track)Storrs Mansfield, CT  06269
School of Nursing Associate Dean for Research and ScholarshipStorrs Mansfield, CT  06269
Assistant/Associate Professor in-Residence, Computer Science & EngineeringStorrs Mansfield, CT  06269
Postdoctoral Research Associate REVISEDStorrs Mansfield, CT  06269
Residence Hall Director (UCP 5)Storrs Mansfield, CT  06269
Assistant Professor of Food ScienceStorrs Mansfield, CT  06269
Assistant/Associate/Full Professor, Mechanical EngineeringStorrs Mansfield, CT  06269
Assistant Professor of Acting (Voice & Speech), Tenure TrackStorrs Mansfield, CT  06269
Assistant/Associate Professor of Landscape ArchitectureStorrs Mansfield, CT  06269
Assistant Professor in Digital Media Strategies for Business (Tenure Track) REVStorrs Mansfield, CT  06269
Assistant Professor in Web and Interactive Design (Tenure Track), Stamford REVIStamford, CT  06901
Postdoctoral Research AssociateStorrs Mansfield, CT  06269
Assistant Professor, Department of JournalismStorrs Mansfield, CT  06269
Assistant Professor In-Residence, Department of ManagementStorrs Mansfield, CT  06269
CLAS Building Manager Supervisor (Facilities Professional 2) REPOSTEDStorrs Mansfield, CT  06269
Assistant Director of the Psychological Services Clinic (Assistant Clinical ProStorrs Mansfield, CT  06269
Instructor/Assistant Professor In-ResidenceStorrs Mansfield, CT  06269
Classification and Compensation Analyst (USP 2) REPOSTStorrs Mansfield, CT  06269
Laboratory Technician 2 (UCP 4)Storrs Mansfield, CT  06269
Head of Archives & Special Collections (UCP 10)Storrs Mansfield, CT  06269
Academic Advisor 1 (UCP 5)Storrs Mansfield, CT  06269
Science Education/Improvement Science Post-Doctoral Research AssociateStorrs Mansfield, CT  06269
Displaying Jobs 1 through 50 of 78
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