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University of Delaware

University of Delaware

413 Academy Street
Newark, DE 17916

The Path to Prominence

The Path to Prominence: A Strategic Conversation

We stand at a critical milestone in the history of the University of Delaware. With roots reaching back to 1743, we now are a community of 16,000 undergraduates, 3,500 graduate students, 1,200 faculty, and 135,000 alumni, who excel in diverse fields and hail from all corners of the world.

Today, we are setting out on a new path designed to engage closely with the critical issues of our day, to increase the global impact of the University, and to raise its prominence in the world. This strategic plan, which charts our “Path to Prominence,” is part of a continuing University conversation.

Our dialogue has taken place in hundreds of meetings and communications across the campus, as well as with the broader alumni and Delaware community. Across the community, there is enormous enthusiasm for the University’s current strengths and future potential.

This is just the beginning. As the planning and implementation process now rolls out across the University at the college, school, and unit level, this dialogue will guide our steps, offering fresh ideas and approaches. While on our path, our destination remains constant: to fulfill the mission of the University and to be recognized around the world as one of the great public institutions of higher education in America.

In pursuing this path, we carry the aspirations and dreams of generations of builders and graduates of the University of Delaware. This is our legacy. We invite you to join with us in pursuing this Path to Prominence. In the words of the Blue Hen’s fight song, “Let Delaware shine.”      

A Diverse Campus

 UD’s Commitment to Diversity and Excellence

Our University is committed to embracing a diverse and inclusive campus that reflects our collective views, experiences, capabilities, cultures, aspirations, and ultimately our commitment to excellence.

Educational communities, such as ours, are enriched by the contributions and full participation of people from different backgrounds.

Toward those ends, the University seeks to:

• Increase the racial and cultural diversity of its students, faculty and staff.
• Create a climate that expects and encourages all members of the University community to respect and appreciate individual and cultural differences.
• Promote equity for people of different backgrounds throughout all areas of University life.
• Develop organizational practices that include the participation and perspectives of these groups.
• Enhance the curriculum by including the contributions and perspectives of different races, cultures and genders.      

An Engaged Campus

 The University of Delaware is an engaged university, committed to making a significant and sustained contribution to the improvement of the communities we serve. As highlighted in our Path to Prominence, UD is building dynamic programs of world-class distinction, reaching out to constituents wherever they reside.

As Delaware's flagship university, UD has the opportunity to work closely with public agencies throughout the state, applying research and human talent to address pressing social and civic issues. We also transcend state boundaries to share knowledge and skills in response to regional, national and international challenges.

The University's expertise, services, resources and programs—in areas like economic and community development, the arts, education, the environment and health care—benefit Delaware's citizens and the global community. Following are examples of how UD contributes to the quality of life in the communities we serve.      

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Job TitleCity, State
Program Director, Delaware Network for Excellence in AutismNewark, DE  19702
Postdoctoral ResearcherNewark, DE  19702
POSTDOCTORAL FELLOW - Membrane Protein Complexes - Dept. of Chemistry and BiochNewark, DE  19702
Faculty Position - Animal PhysiologyNewark, DE  19702
Faculty Position in Astroparticle Physics - Department of Physics and AstronomyNewark, DE  19702
Continuing Track Faculty-Management Information SystemsNewark, DE  19702
Assistant Professor of Food and Agribusiness MarketingNewark, DE  19702
Behavioral Health & Nutrition, Tenure-Track Open Rank Faculty in NutritionNewark, DE  19702
Continuing Track Assistant Professor in Entrepreneurship & DesignNewark, DE  19702
Director, Interdisciplinary Science Learning Laboratories (ISLL)Newark, DE  19702
Assistant/Associate Professor in FinanceNewark, DE  19702
Faculty Position - Nutritional ImmunologyNewark, DE  19702
Chair, Department of Biological SciencesNewark, DE  19702
Continuing Track Faculty Member- Accounting FacultyNewark, DE  19702
Visiting General Music Education SpecialistNewark, DE  19702
Chairperson, Department of PhilosophyNewark, DE  19702
Assistant/Associate Research ProfessorNewark, DE  19702
Lab Coordinator IINewark, DE  19702
Continuing Track, Instructor - Psychiatric-Mental Heath Nurse PractitionerNewark, DE  19702
Associate Director, Annual Giving - Marketing and OperationsNewark, DE  19702
Manager, Financial Compliance (Sponsored Programs Financial Compliance & AuditNewark, DE  19702
IT Systems Support Consultant III, IT Client Support & ServicesNewark, DE  19702
Associate Director of Secondary STEM Teacher EducationNewark, DE  19702
DASL AssociateNewark, DE  19702
Assistant Professor of AccountingNewark, DE  19702
Assistant Professor of Management Information SystemsNewark, DE  19702
Assistant Professor of Management Information SystemsNewark, DE  19702
Director, Delaware Center for Teacher EducationNewark, DE  19702
Assistant Professor of Global StudiesNewark, DE  19702
Tenure Track Assistant Professor of Wildlife Disease EcologyNewark, DE  19702
Tenure Track Assistant Professor of Arthropod Vectored Disease Ecology / MedicaNewark, DE  19702
Assistant Professor, Faculty, Kinesiology and Applied PhysiologyNewark, DE  19702
Chairperson, Department of HistoryNewark, DE  19702
Chairperson and Professor, Department of Animal and Food SciencesNewark, DE  19702
Tenure Track Assistant Professor, Functional Design and Product InnovationNewark, DE  19702
Tenure-Track Assistant Professor GeophysicsNewark, DE  19702
Tenure Track Assistant Professor, BiologyNewark, DE  19702
POSTDOCTORAL RESEARCHER - Chemistry and BiochemistryNewark, DE  19702
Tenure-Track Assistant Professor of Human GeographyNewark, DE  19702
Continuing Track Assistant Professor, Biological SciencesNewark, DE  19702
Post Doctoral Researcher in AgingNewark, DE  19702
Assistant, Associate, or Full Professor of Mathematics EducationNewark, DE  19702
Assistant Professor, Computational BiophysicsNewark, DE  19702
Tenure Track Assistant Professor in Biochemistry and Life SciencesNewark, DE  19716
Assistant Professor, Materials Science and EngineeringNewark, DE  19702
Open Rank, Tenure Track Professorship, Bio-pharmaceutical DiscoveryNewark, DE  19702
Assistant Director of Admissions: Visit Experience CoordinatorNewark, DE  19702
Assistant Professor, Visual CommunicationsNewark, DE  19702
Tenure Track Faculty Positions, Data ScienceNewark, DE  19702
Associate Director, Victim Advocacy & Health PromotionNewark, DE  19702
Displaying Jobs 1 through 50 of 261
1   2   3   4   5   6  


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