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University of Cincinnati

University of Cincinnati

2600 Clifton Avenue
Cincinnati, OH 45221-0141

Company Overview

University of Cincinnati is one of America’s top public research universities. UC boasts a student population of more than 42,000 and includes a main academic campus, a medical campus, two regional branch campuses and several additional local facilities.

A comprehensive system of learning and research, UC offers more than 300 programs of study, many nationally ranked. Real-world experience is a hallmark of the institution—it invented cooperative education in 1906.

UC is the largest employer in the Cincinnati region, with an economic impact of more than $3 billion.

University of Cincinnati continues to gain national and international recognition:

Among the top 200 world universities. — Times of London

Ranked among the top 25 public research universities in the country.
— National Science Foundation

Among the best national universities. — US News and World Report

One of the world’s most beautiful college campuses. — Forbes

One of the nation’s top “green universities.”— Princeton Review

In support of its mission, UC strives to provide the highest quality learning environment, world-renowned scholarship, innovation and community service, and to serve as a place where freedom of intellectual interchange flourishes.






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Job TitleCity, State
Section Chief - Abdominal RadiologistCincinnati, OH  45221
Postdoctoral Fellow - Department of Biomedical Engineering, CEASCincinnati, OH  45221
Associate Professor - Plastic SurgeryCincinnati, OH  45221
Adjunt Associate Professor- Department of Internal Medicine, Division of InfectCincinnati, OH  45221
Physician / Professor - Addiction SciencesCincinnati, OH  45219
Assistant Professor - Biomedical InformaticsCincinnati, OH  45221
Clinical Research Professional III - Neurology and Rehabilitation MedicineCincinnati, OH  45221
Adjunct Instructor of Business Law - LCB Department of AccountingCincinnati, OH  45221
Assistant/Associate/Full Professor (Tenure Track)- College of NursingCincinnati, OH  45221
Psychiatrist - Inpatient/OutpatientCincinnati, OH  45221
Lecturer - Biomedical SciencesCincinnati, OH  45221
Assistant Professor - Obstetrics & GynecologyCincinnati, OH  45221
Chest Imaging RadiologistCincinnati, OH  45221
Assistant Professor - Cardiovascular DiseasesCincinnati, OH  45221
Associate Professor of Clinical - Department of NeurosurgeryCincinnati, OH  45221
Nurse Practitioner - Obstetrics & GynecologyCincinnati, OH  45221
Professor - Hand Division Director - Orthopaedic SurgeryCincinnati, OH  45221
Psychiatrist - Anxiety DisordersCincinnati, OH  45201
NEURORADIOLOGIST - Department of RadiologyCincinnati, OH  45221
Psychiatrist - Lindner Center of HopeMason, OH  45040
PM&R Physician/Assistant Professor of Neurology & Rehabilitation MedicineCincinnati, OH  45221
Assistant Professor of PathologyCincinnati, OH  45221
Assistant Professor - Cardiology Division - College of MedicineCincinnati, OH  45221
Research Associate Professor / Scientific Director - RadiologyCincinnati, OH  45221
Physician - Integrative MedicineCincinnati, OH  45201
Sr Clinical Research Professional - UC Cancer ProgramsCincinnati, OH  45221
Associate Professor of Clinical- Geo, Department of IM, Division of Infectious Cincinnati, OH  45221
Post Doctoral Fellow - Division of Cardiovascular Health and Disease - College Cincinnati, OH  45221
Adjunct / Assistant Professor - Experience-Based Learning and Career EducationCincinnati, OH  45221
Post Doc Fellow - Pharmaceutical Sciences - Kumari LabCincinnati, OH  45221
Adjunct Instructor - Fashion DesignCincinnati, OH  45221
Physician - PM&RCincinnati, OH  45221
Physician - PM&RCincinnati, OH  45221
Term Adjunct -Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, College of EngineeriCincinnati, OH  45221
Term Adjunct - Biomedical Engineering, College of Engineering and Applied ScienCincinnati, OH  45221
Assistant/Associate/Full Professor - Geotechnical Engineering, CEASEugene, OR  97403
Term Adjunct -Chemical and Environmental Engineering, College of Engineering anCincinnati, OH  45221
E-Procurement Functional System AdminCincinnati, OH  45221
Post Doctoral Fellow- Department of Pathology and Lab MedicineCincinnati, OH  45221
Faculty Professor - Rieveschl Ohio Eminent Scholar in Membrane Science and TechCincinnati, OH  45221
Assistant Professor of Radiology - Abdominal RadiologistCincinnati, OH  45221
Adjunct Instructor - Industrial DesignCincinnati, OH  45221
Assistant/Associate/Full Professor - Environmental Aquatic Chemistry, CEASCincinnati, OH  45221
Term Adjunct - Masters of Engineering, College of Engineering and Applied ScienCincinnati, OH  45221
Term Adjunct - Mechanical and Materials Engineering, CEASCincinnati, OH  45221
Term Adjunct - Aerospace Engineering and Engineering Mechanics, CEASCincinnati, OH  45221
Adjunct Instructor - JAPANESE @ UC Blue AshCincinnati, OH  45221
Adjunct Instructor - AMERICAN SIGN LANGUAGE @ UC Blue AshCincinnati, OH  45221
Term Adjunct - Civil and Architectural Engineering and Construction Management,Cincinnati, OH  45221
Adjunct Instructor - VETERINARY TECHNOLOGY @ UC Blue AshCincinnati, OH  45221
Displaying Jobs 1 through 50 of 318
1   2   3   4   5   6   7  


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