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University of Cincinnati

University of Cincinnati

2600 Clifton Avenue
Cincinnati, OH 45221-0141

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University of Cincinnati is one of America’s top public research universities. UC boasts a student population of more than 42,000 and includes a main academic campus, a medical campus, two regional branch campuses and several additional local facilities.

A comprehensive system of learning and research, UC offers more than 300 programs of study, many nationally ranked. Real-world experience is a hallmark of the institution—it invented cooperative education in 1906.

UC is the largest employer in the Cincinnati region, with an economic impact of more than $3 billion.

University of Cincinnati continues to gain national and international recognition:

Among the top 200 world universities. — Times of London

Ranked among the top 25 public research universities in the country.
— National Science Foundation

Among the best national universities. — US News and World Report

One of the world’s most beautiful college campuses. — Forbes

One of the nation’s top “green universities.”— Princeton Review

In support of its mission, UC strives to provide the highest quality learning environment, world-renowned scholarship, innovation and community service, and to serve as a place where freedom of intellectual interchange flourishes.






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Job TitleCity, State
Assistant Professor - Biomedical InformaticsCincinnati, OH  45221
Assistant Professor - Obstetrics & GynecologyCincinnati, OH  45221
Assistant Professor - Obstetrics & GynecologyCincinnati, OH  45221
Psychiatrist - Anxiety DisordersCincinnati, OH  45201
Associate Professor - Pulmonary, Critical Care and Sleep MedicineCincinnati, OH  45221
Assistant Professor of PathologyCincinnati, OH  45221
Assistant Professor - Cardiology Division - College of MedicineCincinnati, OH  45221
Research Associate Professor / Scientific Director - RadiologyCincinnati, OH  45221
Associate Professor of Clinical - Department of IM, Division of Infectious DiseCincinnati, OH  45221
Assistant Professor - Pulmonary Critical Care and Sleep Medicine - College of MCincinnati, OH  45221
Physician - PM&RCincinnati, OH  45221
Physician - PM&RCincinnati, OH  45221
Faculty Professor - Rieveschl Ohio Eminent Scholar in Membrane Science and TechCincinnati, OH  45221
Assistant Professor - Division of Cardiovascular Diseases - College of MedicineCincinnati, OH  45221
Professor - Department of Family MedicineCincinnati, OH  45221
Assistant Professor of Clinical - Geo, Department of IM, Division of NephrologyCincinnati, OH  45221
Assistant Professor of Clinical - Pulmonary, Critical Care and Sleep MedicineCincinnati, OH  45221
Endowed Chair in Thrombosis and HemostasisCincinnati, OH  45221
Assistant/Associate Professor - Educator of Electrical EngineeringCincinnati, OH  45221
Post Doc/Academic Fellow - Pharmacy PracticeCincinnati, OH  45221
Associate Professor - Digestive DiseasesCincinnati, OH  45267
Associate Professor (Renal Pathologist) - Department of PathologyCincinnati, OH  45221
Licensing Associate - Physical SciencesCincinnati, OH  45221
Professor and Vice Chair of RadiologyCincinnati, OH  45221
Post Doc Fellow - Division of Pulmonary, Critical Care and Sleep MedicineCincinnati, OH  45221
Assistant or Associate Professor of Clinical - Radiation OncologyCincinnati, OH  45221
Assistant Professor - Department of Dermatology - College of MedicineCincinnati, OH  45221
Adjunct Instructor - Design FoundationsCincinnati, OH  45221
Adjunct Instructors - School of Human ServicesCincinnati, OH  45221
Adjunct Instructor in Composition, Musicology and TheoryCincinnati, OH  45221
Adjunct Instructor in Electronic MediaCincinnati, OH  45221
Research Associate, Evaluation Services CenterCincinnati, OH  45201
Adjunct Instructor - School of ArtCincinnati, OH  45221
Adjunct Instructor - School of PlanningCincinnati, OH  45221
Adjunct Instructor in Performance StudiesCincinnati, OH  45221
Adjunct Instructor in Theatre Arts, Production Arts Administration and DanceCincinnati, OH  45221
Student Worker - NightRideCincinnati, OH  45221
Professor - Department of Pathology & Laboratory MedicineCincinnati, OH  45221
Nurse Practitioner - Trauma Surgery COMCincinnati, OH  45221
Post Doc Fellow - SociologyCincinnati, OH  45201
Assistant Professor/Nocturnist - Hospitalist - General Internal Medicine - CollCincinnati, OH  45201
Post Doc Fellow- Neurosurgery Department- College of MedicineCincinnati, OH  45221
Physician - Primary Care Network - College of MedicineCincinnati, OH  45221
Research Associate - Environmental HealthCincinnati, OH  45221
Work Study Student - Christ Hospital Volunteer ServicesCincinnati, OH  45219
Work Study Student - Cincinnati Recreation CenterCincinnati, OH  45221
Work Study Student - Clifton Cultural Arts CenterCincinnati, OH  45221
Adjunct Instructor - Health Information @ Clermont CollegeCincinnati, OH  45221
Adjunct Instructor, Interior DesignCincinnati, OH  45221
Term Adjuncts - School of EducationCincinnati, OH  45201
Displaying Jobs 1 through 50 of 303
1   2   3   4   5   6   7  


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